Ah, there you are.

Sitting comfortably? Good. Now, listen up.


(No, not copyrighting. That’s legal stuff. I’m talking copywriting. Copy is written content mostly used for advertising or marketing. Words that persuade.)

Great copy sells. Great copy creates more leads and converts more of your visitors. Great copy makes your brand look very cool. I can write great copy for you.


Maintaining a blog can be a real hassle. So, let me help. I write engaging, persuasive, entertaining, creative and SEO-friendly blog posts. Your readers will love ’em.


You need articles to provide insight, authority and web traffic. You need original and inspiring articles that fit with your company voice. Drop me a line. I’ll handle it for you.

Website design and editing.

I’ve been involved with building websites since about 1997 – the very early days of the wild, wild web. I love building cool brochure-style websites with Squarespace or WordPress to get you up and running. Or I can build you a full ecommerce website to sell your products.

Who I am.

What I’ve done.