My favourite method of travel.

This was another ‘A’ grade on my Copywriting Diploma course.


Imagine a method of travel that’s completely free.

Yep, nothing to pay now or in the future. Completely free. No head-scratching lease agreements to fathom, no service costs to cover, and no MOT surprises. And the only fuel required is water.

Imagine not having to spend hours on apps and comparison websites reading reviews and selecting possible add-ons and upgrades. Selecting whether to follow your heart or head. This transport selects you. And it’s a perfect fit.

Imagine being free to pull over at any time to enjoy the view. Travel that automatically switches from man-made routes to the freedom of off-road. Travel that puts stress behind you, giving you time and headspace to think. Or not to think.

Imagine a method of travel that evolves with you through your life, at your pace and for your changing needs.

Don’t imagine.